Discover the most beautiful french cities during our food tours

Delicity is a new service that offers food tours through the picturesque neighborhoods of Delicity is a new service that offers Food Tours through differents neighborhoods of the most beautiful cities in France.

What is a food tour ? It is a cultural tour in small group punctuated by cultural stops and gourmet tastings.

Why should you shoose Delicity? Delicity offers an unusual getaway that mixes culture and tasting. Our main value: share cultural and tasting experiences !

Appreciate a good moment alone, with your family or your friends during a gastronomic visit of 2:30.

Taste some treats prepared by our partners who have one goal : delight your taste buds!

Discover all the littles stories and greatest spots hiding in your city

Nos partenaires authentiques vont vous surprendre

Walking makes you hungry! Our gourmet circuits are punctuated by tasting breaks, ensuring consistency in the choice of our partners and their diversity. These restaurants or local shops are selected for the quality of their food and especially for their authenticity.

And our ambassadors in each city are always on the lookout for good addresses for new and exciting discoveries.

Let yourself be surprised and discover all our culinary circuits of the moment:
gourmet tours of Marseille
gourmet tours of Aix-en-Provence

Our generous Déliciguides are your friends for a day!

Let you carry during our FoodTours by the curiosity of our Déliciguides! Your companion for one day knows the city at your fingertips and you will reveal all the secrets.

You want to meet our Déliciguides, quickly discover all our food Tours of the moment:
greedy circuits in Marseille
gourmet tours in Aix-en-Provence

But by the way, why Food Tours?

DELICITY is a brand of the Prisma Media group, which publishes the current kitchen brands, Current Woman, Geo, Neon, Here, Capital … more than 20 brands.
The idea of gourmet circuits is born from a desire to offer an experience in real life, to go beyond the pages of magazines or screens that separate us from our readers.

We wanted an entertaining but accessible experience. Gluttony is a creative link between the one who proposes it and those who benefit from it. So we imagined a product that would be the fusion of our know-how: provide information and tastings.
Here is the story of our greedy circuits!

Do you have ideas for Food Tours?

Do you want to share the story of your neighborhood? Do you dream of seeing our walkers discover your city? Do not wait any longer and suggest us a new greedy circuit by writing to .